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Intentional Communities Application for Madison Square
PLEASE NOTE: This application is ONLY for Madison Square. If you want to live in other Fuller Housing apartments, you only have to submit the regular application.
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Community Life
Briefly answer the following questions about community life. Your answers will be shared with the community in the application process. Feel free to be as open and specific as you are able. Please limit your responses to 3-4 sentences per question.
In the below fields, please list the name, contact information, and type of relationship to you (friend, employer, work colleague, ministry colleague, roommate, etc.) of three people who could best serve as character references for you. Please do not include relatives. Your references should be people who know you well enough to be able to give an informed opinion regarding your desire and ability to live in community with others.
Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3
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Thank you for submitting your application online. Your application will be forwarded to the IC inquiry committee which includes the Intentional Community Liaison (ICL) from each of Fuller's three ICs, the Intentional Communities Team Coordinator (ICTC) and the Housing Office. Once the IC Leadership Team has reviewed your application and received input from community members, you will receive word as to whether or not your application has been approved. Please click the 'Submit' button below to complete your application or use the 'Back' button to review your responses.