Logiforms Workspace

We designed the Logiforms workspace using the familiar computer desktop paradigm.  When you log in, you'll see the desktop. The desktop contains a number icons, a Taskbar, a Start Menu, and the The Dashboard. When you click on an icon or select an item from the Start Menu, a window appears in the middle of the desktop and a button appears on the Taskbar. As with the Microsoft WindowsTM desktop, you can right-click on the Taskbar button to minimize, maximize, or close the open window.

Launching Modules

You can launch modules in a number of different ways: click on a desktop icon, select it from the Start Menu, or use the DashBoard. In some modules, you'll need to to select a form or component. For example, you'll need to choose a form when you launch the Form Designer. For existing forms, you can find the form in the Dashboard and then right-click to to choose the module you want to access for that form. Learn more in Creating Forms.

What can I do in the workspace?

Select an item in the Start Menu

Open the Dashboard

Work with the Taskbar

Learn about creating Forms