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The International Cat Association, Inc.
Cattery Registration
Cattery Name Registration Rules
All members are expected to be familiar with and comply with all TICA By-Laws, Registration Rules, Show Rules, and Standing Rules.
Cattery names may ONLY be one word in length consisting of no more than 15 letters and must differ by at least two letters from any already registered cattery name.

Cattery names may not contain:
-- more than 15 letters
-- punctuation marks (#, &, -, etc.)
-- apostrophes
-- spaces
-- hyphenations
-- more than one word
-- duplications

A cattery name is a permanent record of the Association and may not be changed, however, you may register as many cattery names as you wish. Your cattery name may only be used as a prefix when you are the breeder; it may be used as a suffix when you are the registered owner of the cat. The cattery name that you register is the name that will be used in the registration of your cats and cats of your breeding in the prefix or suffix position. An apostrophe "s" may not be added to a TICA registered cattery name unless the cattery name was originally registered with an apostrophe "s". Cattery names registered after 05/01/1992 may not use apostrophe "s". When transferring a cat into your name you may drop the suffix and add your cattery name for a fee of $7 for each addition or deletion. Any use of the word "of" in any language may denote a cattery suffix, and foreign translations for the word "of" will not be allowed i.e., av, de, etc.

The TICA Registration Rules, ARTICLE Eight, state:
38.1 Cattery names may be permanently registered with the association upon written application and payment of the required fees.
38.2 A cattery name may not exceed fifteen letters. Cattery names must differ by two letters.
38.3 A cattery name may not duplicate the name of an accepted breed.
38.4 Registered cattery names may not be used unless the registered owner of the cattery name signs the application for registration or consent of such owner is filed in writing with an established association for cat registration.
38.5 The use of a breeder's registered cattery name is restricted to a prefix.
38.6 A breeder who initially registers cats without a cattery prefix and subsequently registers a cattery name may subsequently add a cattery prefix by paying the required registration fee to re-register such cats.
38.7 A new owner's registered cattery name may be added as a suffix (preceded by " of ") when this is possible without violating 38.9 or 38.10, of this article or violating ARTICLE TEN, 310.3.
38.8 A cat's name may include only one cattery name prefix and one cattery name suffix.
38.9 Once added, a cattery name suffix cannot be dropped or changed except upon payment of the required fee and surrender of the former registration certificate to the registrar.
38.10 Registered cattery names may be transferred upon surrender of the certificate of cattery name registration with written assignment of the transfer of ownership and payment of the required transfer fee.

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Cattery names must differ by at least two letters from any already registered cattery name.
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