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PRM Job Request
To expedite your printing, advertising, photography and web needs we ask that all job requests be submitted online. This ensures important information about your job is accurate and the job is completed in a timely manner. Your project will fall into one of two categories: a previously printed piece, ad or web page with minimal changes (such as a postcard invitation with a date change or webpage text edited) or a completely new project in which the creative design and copy must be started from scratch.

Obviously a new project will take longer - usually 4-6 weeks to complete, which allows time for copy writing, design, proofs and, if needed, printing. This time frame does not include time for mailing.

To submit your job, complete all the fields below. For questions, please contact the PRM office at ext. 4895
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PRM Job Request Supporting Documents
Please upload up to 15 supporting documents to accompany your job request submission.
Supported File Formats and Upload Instructions
Please upload images in gif, jpeg, tiff or png format.
Please upload documents in plain text, html, rich text, microsoft word or excel format.
Please Note: There is no restriction on file size for supporting documents.
Please allow plenty of time for the form to upload larger file sizes.