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Student Leader Positions
Check all positions you would like to apply for. Please note in most cases it is unlikely that a student will be selected for more than two positions selected below. Please provide answers to the following questions for each position you are applying for and please limit responses to one paragraph per answer.

Orientation Leader
(Open to all students)

Resident Assistant
(Open to all students – check below if you fall into one of the categories listed)
Depending on the availability of departmental funds students falling into any of the categories below may be ineligible to be hired as Resident Assistant. If you have questions regarding how you may be impacted please schedule an appointment with Residence Life at extension x4663).

Social Mentor
(Open to all students)

Family and Alumni Weekend Student Coordinator
(Open to all students)

Homecoming Student Coordinator
(Open to all students)

Academic and Disciplinary Record Release Agreement
I give my permission for my grades and discipline record to be checked as part of the application process. I understand that if I am on disciplinary probation level 1 or level 2 I may not be eligible for a leadership position. Further, I understand that I must have a 2.5 minimum GPA to be eligible for a leadership position. I also understand that refusal to sign this form will void my application.
Student Leader Agreement
Rockhurst University exists to transform lives. As student leaders, you are instrumental in creating this transformation amongst the student body. Drinking is as much a part of University life as it is part of life in our larger culture, and it inevitably brings the same problems at Rockhurst that it introduces elsewhere. Learning a mature attitude toward alcohol while in college prepares one to handle it in society after leaving college. Rockhurst aims to make alcohol less obtrusive on campus, to help students learn to approach alcohol in a more mature and responsible manner, and promote a safer environment for the entire community. Students must recognize that when alcoholic beverages are misused, problems will arise, and they must accept the responsibility for preventing and coping with these problems. They should become increasingly aware of the problems associated with alcohol abuse in our society. Individual differences are to be respected, and drinking must be seen as a matter of choice (provided the person is of legal drinking age). The University expects all student leaders, especially those in highly visible positions, to adhere to the policies and regulations in the Student Handbook. Students are expected to model behavior consistent with Rockhurst's mission and the Jesuit tradition at all times during their period of leadership.
  • I understand that underage student leaders are expected to follow the law, which does not allow for the consumption of alcohol. Furthermore, being a leader of integrity is imperative and in order to promote integrity and a positive example to the student body, underage student leaders will agree to avoid events where alcohol is present unless the event has alcohol served by a 3rd party vendor.
  • I understand that student leaders of legal drinking age may consume alcohol in the presence of minors while attending an event where alcohol is served by a licensed 3rd party vendor, or in the privacy of their own residence with no minors present. If they choose to consume, of age student leaders will consume alcohol responsibly. An example of responsible consumption would be to drink no more than one drink per hour for a maximum of three hours (though assertions of irresponsible drinking will be evaluated on a case by case basis). Of age student leaders will not supply alcohol to minors under any circumstances.
  • I understand that all student leaders, regardless of age, will never engage in illegal drug usage, abuse alcohol, over-the-counter medications, or prescription drugs, or involve themselves in violent/hate/assault acts. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in removal from the position and forfeiture of compensation and/or benefits of the position (where applicable).
  • I understand that when a student leader's behavior is deemed unacceptable and the facts of the behavior are not in question, a student leader's advisor may release the student leader from his/her position. If the facts are in question, the student leader may be suspended without pay and/or benefits of the position, pending the results of an investigation. In either situation, if actions are believed to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the advisor will also submit documentation to the Assistant Dean of Students (or designate) for potential disciplinary action. Students who consult staff concerning violations of the agreement outside of pending disciplinary proceedings or other evidence, may receive amnesty at the discretion of the supervising staff member.
Resident Assistants are accountable to upholding this agreement from February to May (Approximately 15 Month Commitment) Orientation Leaders are accountable to upholding this agreement from Spring Orientation Training Day to Fall Activities Fair Social mentors are accountable to upholding this agreement from August to December *These dates are tentative and specific dates will be provided upon commitment to the position.